Our company is recognized by the Russian Maritime Register, the Russian River Register,
Lloyd's Register, Bridge Inspectorate.
About our company
The Kostroma dockyard is one of the oldest shipbuilding and shiprepairing companies in Russia. It was founded in 1931. The Kostroma dockyard has been reorganized several times during the period of its existence and now it is a company of a new type which produces rival products. In order to enlarge the release of new types of products production capacities of the company are being actively developed. Good location of the company in naturally formed back water makes river and combined navigation vessels holding anchorage as well as repair works to be easily performed.

Our services

Костромская верфь строительство новых самоходных судов, танкеров, буксиров, сухогрузов, пассажирских судов
  • Construction of new self-propelled vessels, tankers, tug vessels, dry-cargo carries, passenger-carrying vessels L dimension – to 141 m; B – to 17 m.
  • Construction of dumb vessels – barges of any service L dimension - to 141 m; B – to 20 m.
  • Construction of boats, boat-houses, tug boats, passenger boats.
Костромская верфь Сварка судов и металлоконструкций из стали в том числе нержавеющей, алюминия и ремонт с подъемом на слипе
Welding and repair
  • Welding of vessel and steel works of any complexity made out of steel, including stainless and aluminum.
  • Repairing of all types of vessels with lifting on a slip including fault detection of a vessel hull, systems devices, gears and electrical devices.
Костромская верфь изготовление наплавных мостов, переправ через реки
  • Production of floating bridges and river crossing devices.
  • Production of bridge metal structures.
  • Production of metal structures of all types: buildings, constructions, for nuclear and chemical industry.
Костромская верфь утилизация старых судов
Disposal of old ships.
Костромская верфь покраска судов, металлоконструкций любыми красками
Painting of ships, metal structures with any paints, including imported ones, according to various schemes.
Костромская верфь покраска
Design of ships, boats, metal structures.

Company advantages:

  • Technologies
    The technologies and materials applying by the company allow our plant to engineer and build new high-graded vessels.
  • Scientific support
    The Kostroma dockyard successfully cooperates with the leading research and production centers such as “Engineering Centre of Ship construction” (St. Petersburg), Astrakhan Central Engineering Bureau (Astrakhan), “Marine Engineering Bureau”, “Prometheus” Institute (Nizhny Novgorod), Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Scientific Institute of Ship Construction Technologies “SoyuzProektVerf”.
  • Convenience and customer focus
    The plant is good located in confluence of two rivers: the Volga River and the KostromaRiver.
    Thanks to our highly qualified workers our approach is always individual.
Feedback from our clients
  • You are professionals. At the first meeting, I told about the idea of the project, and you helped to finalize and transform it into something special.
    Tamara Larina
    Project manager
  • We learned a lot and received very valuable advice. We highly recommend Alexander.
    Rita Katz
  • Great guys, very accessible, skillfully fast. We will definitely contact again.
    Yulia Sanina
  • What you need is the perfect service for us.
    Aleksandra Korotkih
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