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Kostroma Wharf

Kostroma Wharf is a modern enterprise with a long history, large experience and a proven record of accomplishment. We are involved in cooperation with leading ship design institutions and our partners are well known companies. Our team of professionals, innovative processes, high quality materials and competitive pricing make your business with us very promising and mutually advantageous. A shipyard in Kostroma was established in 1930 on the confluence of the rivers Kostroma and Volga. It was then named “Komsomolskaya Pravda Shipyard”. The hulls of the first non-self propelled watercrafts were laid in 1931. They were landing stages and 2,800 dwt barges. By 1980, the shipyard launched the production of depot ships for servicing passenger fleet and repair ships to provide maintenance for hydrofoil boats. In September 2001, Kostroma Shipyard was re-organized into an open joint stock company “Kostroma Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Yard”. Now, the main products of our company are barges with cargo carrying capacity of 1,000 to 5,000 t, pusher tugs and oil tankers of river-sea navigation. The first pusher tug and barge trains ever constructed in Russia were built by the yard in 2010. Their design speed was 9.3 knots at cargo carrying capacity of 5,100 t and the length of 139 m. Besides, our extensive product line includes custom-built pontoons, landing stages, flotels, pontoon bridges, container ships and repair docks. If need be, the yard can build ships ranging from cargo fleet to small boats. All relevant production facilities are in place. All ships are built in compliance with the class requirements of either the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping or the Russian River Register depending on the type. The yard also builds sophisticated ships fitted with complex hi-tech equipment, which is to 95% acquired from foreign manufacturers, who showed themselves to good advantage on the Russian market. Apart from shipbuilding, the yard provides ship repair, maintenance and retrofitting services. We also manufacture steel structures for construction companies and hull fittings for other yards and ship owners . Nowadays, the yard comprises fitting and machining, hull welding and assembly facilities. Modernisation of the yard’s production facilities resulted in introduction of advanced manufacturing processes, including rolled steel pre-processing and automated plasma cutting. The hulls are assembled in the open assembly area. We are engaged in close cooperation with large ship design institutions, such as Engineering Shipbuilding Centre in St.-Petersburg, Astrakhan Central Design Bureau, Marine Engineering Bureau, Prometheus Institute in Nizhny Novgorod, Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Centre.

The yard is located on the confluence of the rivers Kostroma and Volga. A good location of the yard in the backwaters of the Kostroma River provides excellent opportunities for laying up of river ships and watercrafts of river-sea navigation as well as for execution of repair and maintenance works.

Main operations

SHIPBUILDING: constriction of cargo fleet, large barges, pusher tugs, oil tankers of river-sea navigation under supervision of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Russian River Register.

SHIP REPAIR: repair and maintenance services including fault detection in hulls, hull fittings, hull systems and valving.

The capacity of the hull production facilities amounts to 4,000 t. The hull assembly area can accommodate 4 ships simultaneously with the length of up to 140 m.

Product range

Main products:

  • Oil tanker (design 52)
  • Pusher tug
  • Pusher Tug and Barge Train
  • Oil barge (design 102, 2731, 4993, 4993М, 2733)

Additional products (including custom-made products):

  • Floating business centre (flotel)
  • Articulated coupling system
  • Flat top barge (design 81218) with class notation R
  • Barge with a tent superstructure with class notation R
  • Dry cargo barge (design R85A) with class notation O (ice)
  • Repair dock
  • Landing stage with a helipad
  • Pontoons
  • Pontoon bridge
  • Sand barge
  • Floating refuelling station
  • Dry cargo ship
  • Container ship

Our production facilities enable us to build watercrafts ranging from cargo fleet vessels to various small motorboats.

Main characteristics and facilities of the yard

  1. Total area of the yard (onshore): 163,201.70 m2
  2. Production areas of covered workshops: 17,300 m2
  3. Open production areas: 30,000 m2
  4. Hull welding shop: 5,800 m2
  5. Fitting and machining shop: 1,470 m2
  6. Hull assemble area: 14,000 m2
  7. Shot-blasting and painting shop: 2,050 m2
  8. Trials shop: 1,300 m2
  9. Outfitting berth: 700 m2
  10. Cargo berth: 1,500 m2
  11. Permissible carrying capacity of the slipway at the ship length of up to 141 m: 2,400 t

Production capacities of JSC Kostroma Wharf:

  • Construction and repair of river and sea-going ships of up to 6,000 dwt with the length of up to 140 m, breadth up to 16.5 m and launching weight up to 2,400 t;
  • Processing of over 20,000 t of steel annually;
  • Maximum flat section dimensions and weight: 18*6 m / ≤ 20 t;
  • All prefabricated sections are welded together at assembly jigs, no assembly line is in place.

Main production and auxiliary facilities of the yard:

Hull production facilities

  • Hull welding shop (metalworking, fabrication of hull sections) with an area of over 3,840 m2. The shop has two 5 t cranes and two overhead cranes with a capacity of 20 t and 5 t. The rolled steel pre-processing line delivers shot blasted and primed steel plates.
  • Hull assembly area with traversing and longitudinal rails encompassing an area of 15,463 m2 is enough to build 2 ships simultaneously with the length of 140 m and the breadth of 16.5 m.
  • Side slip with 12 launching cradles with a total capacity of 2,400 t capable of launching ships with the length of up to 140 m and the breadth of 16.5 m and lifting ships of the same dimensions and the weight of 1,800 t.

Fitting and machining shop

  • used for metal working

Shot-blasting and painting shop

  • used for shot-blasting and painting of hull sections in the hull assembly area

Outfitting berth

  • has a length of 92 m and is equipped with two 5 t and 8 t slipway cranes. It is used for laying-up of ships and dockside trials

Cargo berth

  • has a length of 70 m and is used for laying-up of ships.