About company

Joint stock company «Kostroma wharf» is one of the oldest shipbuilding and ship repairing factories of Russia. The company was founded in 1931. It were some reorganizations since that time and now it’s a company of a new type which produces competitive products. Cutting edge technologies and materials enable us to develop and build high quality vessels. The shipyard consist of the following main departments: metal cutting and working, hull welding department, assembly and slips. Kostroma wharf has all the necessary manufacturing equipment and integrates all basic shipbuilding process steps.

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  • The building of vessels of mixed river-sea navigation

    This is the main direction of the company. It is well studied and honed over the years process. We build a vessel confidently and securely. We guarantee and are responsible for the result. Our team is ready to realize interesting projects.

Ship repair:

  • Ship repair works of any complexity

    Our company also undertakes ship repair. Kostroma shipyard has a well-developed infrastructure, manufacturing facilities, warehouses for maintenance and repair of vessels.